Tuesday, March 25, 2008

C&C's first Easter!

Beach, or at least swimming pool, babe alert! Isn't this suit adorable? Love the little pudge roll spilling out the side cut-out. I'll try to get one size larger. Even infant girl suits are sized small! Note the sunglasses, too!

He's definitely going to be a chick magnet at the pool in this get-up! His glasses are blue, but we put these on for the picture. He even kept them on!

What a great picture of Chloe amongst the bunnies!

Love that they are just in their diaper! Connor is the cutest bunny, don't you think!?

Yes, Chloe, we can see how flexible you are. But, we can also see more of your cute chubby leg!

We just had our first ever Easter egg hunt and man are we tired! Wonder if we'll get to enjoy any of the candy in the eggs???

My new friend, Rebel. He LOVED the babies and Chloe loved the dogs. She was laughing at them! Rebel sat on her lap like they were old friends!

The Easter Bunny even visited Saturday.

Daddy and Chloe opening the Easter basket from Kelly.

Mommy and Connor opening his Easter basket from Kelly.

We had a fabulous Easter visiting our friends in Arkansas. The babies were so well behaved and enjoyed all the attention. They even did well during the drive! I'm sharing some of my favorite pictures of C&C from the weekend.

We've had a monumental night.......NO NIGHT FEEDINGS! Hopefully this was not a one time event. I remember waking around 1230am to give Connor his pacifier and again around 530am to give Connor his pacifier again. No wakings from Chloe! I did peak in at her when I was up at 530 to make sure she was still there! I could hear her sucking on her pacifier, so I knew all was well. I'm not keeping my hopes up, but I sure hope this continues! I wonder if it helps that C&C are starting to put the pacifier back into their own mouth......it can't hurt!

No site of teeth from either baby......it has to be soon.....

C&C became honorary baby scientists today! We participated in a healthy baby hearing study today. The results of this study will help those who have cochlear implants.

Ok...need to unload the dishwasher and clean up a bit before Chad returns home from work.



Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics Jennie, they sure continue to be cute cute cute!!! so glad they gave you a good night sleep love Mom

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures and your album is beautiful. We loved having everyone and cannot wait until our next visit. The boys look forward to it too. Love to all Kellly

Ramie :-) said...

Sounds like it was a great one! YAY! And YAY for sleep! Still unsure of what a night without at least one wake up is around here....but ya know, they'll be grown and gone soon (not)!

Thanks for sharing!

Kristie said...

All great pics. They are so photogenic! Glad you had a great time.