Sunday, February 24, 2008

Remember this?

Twin record

Chad and I decided to stop using it today. Obviously C&C are getting enough to eat. Neither has a problem in the diaper department. Both are eating plenty and have built some fat reserves (someone more than their twin). We are going to keep track of any medications given on a monthly calendar. I think we've been leading up to this for a few weeks. It's going to be odd not keeping track of their daily intake!

We have a nice weekend at home. Right now C&C are on the floor playing with their daddy.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

later, Jennie

1 comment:

Ramie :-) said...

he he he.....i'm surprised it lasted so long! I'd have given up on day two I think!

Love all the new pics and videos! Congrats on Chloe sittin up! I hope that their teeth have popped thru!
Hope all is well!