Friday, February 8, 2008

One year ago.....

This adventure started. I left work early to go for my first ultrasound. Little did we know that we'd leave the doctors office hearing that I was 7 weeks, 3 days pregnant with TWINS. I remember looking over at Chad after the tech told us it was twins and telling him "i'm sorry". Goofy, huh? Maybe I was apologizing for the sleepless nights that I knew were coming. Good thing he was sitting down. The rest of the day was a complete daze for both of us.

It's hard to believe it's only been one year since we started the adventure. Our life has never been the same! To see the two little peanuts at our first meeting go here.

Let's compare the blobs to the chubby blobs they are today:
And by chubby blobs, I mean delightful joys in our life!
Notice the wet patch on Chloe's head on the above photo....a little munching on her head from dear, sweet Connor!
Later, Jennie


Anonymous said...

love the pictures and the reminder of what it was 1 year ago, seems like forever and then just yesterday. Now, did you place Connor in the upper position just so he would have something to suck on???? They are looking just great and sooo healthy. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Gotta add another comment, Grandpa calls it "spitsville" when he looked at the pic.
Love Mom

Sharie said...

I remember seeing the peanuts on e-mail and when you started your new blog, has it really been a year? Happy anniversary to you and your joys!