Monday, February 18, 2008

I love C&C

but God love them, they drive me crazy sometimes!

It's team Mommy for a few days. Well, C&C decided to both scream and cry at bedtime tonight.......and the worst thing to do is tense up and stress out. They totally feed off of it. Thankfully, after almost an hour of fighting sleep, they gave in to the sandman. but...Clo-clo is now up....let's hope she goes down again easily.....

wish me luck and sanity!



nicole green said...

good luck!! i hope you get some rest. :)

and thank you for the birthday wishes!! (sorry i'm a little late on thanking you guys!)

Anonymous said...

Jennie, I hope Clo Clo is finally down for a few hours to give you and Chad some much needed rest. I hope she did not wake Connor, how can he sleep through that? Just think, three weeks from today we will have spent a day with you, can hardly wait. Love Mom

Sharie said...

Wishing you a peaceful next couple of days! Take care.