Thursday, December 20, 2007

Four month stats.

C&C had their four month doctor visit December 10th (was it ten days ago already!!??). These babies are not afraid to eat, that's all I'm saying!

14 pounds, 13 ounces
23 inches long
16 inch head

15 pounds, 13 ounces
24.5 inches long
16 inch head

We got the ok to start you can see from the videos posted, it has been a hit! Both C&C love to munch on their fist. Chloe will at times get her thumb or thumb and index finger in her mouth. Connor tried to get his ENTIRE fist into his mouth. Poor guy is starting to teeth. Sometimes he get so angry and you just want to take away the pain. Fortunately infant acetaminophen and Hyland's teething tablets are making him feel better. We tried the teething rings/toys, but they are so big and he just doesn't get the concept of holding it yet.....hopefully soon. Connor has started to roll from his back to his side. He will bring his legs to his chest and roll, looking like a bug stuck on it's back! No luck with either baby moving from their tummy to back.....they will hopefully continue to tolerate longer periods of tummy time. I think once they start playing with things it will be more tolerable for them. Just in the past few days, they have noticed each other. It's almost like Connor has baby envy if I'm holding Chloe....he just looks and stares. Chloe was smiling at Connor earlier today, not that he noticed or anything. Silly girl is flirting with her brother! Both babies love to get kisses from their mom and dad. Connor even tried to open mouth kiss me yesterday...he'll get it soon enough, I'm sure! Connor has started to blow spit bubbles and will even get some noise behind it. That along with his increased drooling from teething makes a cute little slobbery mess! Both C&C are starting to laugh. Connor was just doing an inhale laugh for the longest time, but is now getting the full blown laugh. Now I can't wait for the giggle fits to start! As you can see from the video of Chloe, she has quite the musical giggle!

Connor has outgrown three month clothes and has moved on to six month clothes. He has even outgrown a 3-6 month outfit. Need to look through their closet to see if I need more clothes for him! Chloe is starting to outgrow three month clothes. I'm trying to squeeze in as many wears from the adorable clothes we've received as's sad that they outgrow them when they still look brand new! Both babies are wearing size 2 diapers. Hopefully they will stay in that size for a bit. As they move into larger sizes, there are fewer diapers in the package, making the cost per diaper more!

Ok...I think that's if for now. Hopefully four posts in one day will feed the need for a baby update!

Later, Jennie


Littleone's Scrapbook Journal said...

LOL. That is what I said too...I have twin almost 3 year old girls. Congrats. Happy Holidays :)

Laura'sCorner said...

Jennie, thank you so much for the update! I love the videos and so has the whole family. I cannot wait to see them on the 12th.