Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It was a {grand} visit, great, even!

I have lots of pictures to post....thought I'd start with a quick post tonight. Our trips went well. Both C&C were wonderful during the drive, fussing when hungry only, for the most part.

Part of our trip to visit family included a stop at both great-grandmother's residence. My grandmother lives in a nursing home and Chad's grandmother lives at home, after a stay in the nursing home recovering from illness. Chloe was the perfect great-grandma baby, sleeping the entire time during each visit, allowing both grandmas to throughly enjoy holding their little bundle of love!

Our first visit was to my grandmother. We almost missed her, as she was heading out the door with my aunt....luckily I looked over at just the right time to see them heading out of the nursing home. My mom was upstairs to get grandma and was in a bit of panic when they told her she left! Luckily things worked out and we got a nice visit in, along with pictures.

We were also able to visit with Chad's grandmother. She was also tickled at being able to hold both babies and enjoyed doting on C&C.

We are grateful to have C&C meet their great-grandmothers! Now I need to order prints for each of them and mail photos of the visit out to them.

C&C are TWELVE weeks old today. When did that happen? They will be three months old on the 15th......yikes! They are both turning into such nice, solid little people! I love this picture of them. Connor has such a funny look on his face...he's such a little man! And sweet Chloe, bright as can be! We just arrived to the hotel after a long's surprising they were both so alert! It's so fun to watch them grow. I've been taking tons of pictures lately and will share some as time allows.

Later, Jennie


Anonymous said...

Jennie, I just got home from work and had to check if you had posted,,, thank you for the great pictures. all those with the grandmas are really good but I really like the look on Connor's face, don't know what to call it but it sure is cute.
love Mom

Kristie said...

Great pics of C&C with the grandmas. And that last one is just too funny!!!