Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10 weeks old!

Seriously, where did the past ten weeks go? I was actually convinced they were going to be nine weeks old this week...I was confused because they were two months old last Tuesday, and kind of missed out of them being nine weeks old on Wednesday. Luckily, a twin mom friend, who had her babies a day before C&C, posted her ten week info! She set me straight.

Highlights in our life:

Has the most beautiful gummy smile. It lights up his entire face. Mornings are good times to catch him smiling. Yesterday morning, he even had the start of a giggle. Just the inhale portion of a giggle, but I think it will be here before we know it.
He's getting less dependent on his pacifier and exploring his hand more. He hasn't quite gotten the thumb in his mouth yet, though.
Likes it when I sing and point out "nose, chin, cheek, cheek, eyebrow, eyebrow, forehead, ear, ear, nose" to him. Sometimes the song is longer, sometimes shorter. But it usually gets a nice smile!
He has the bicycle leg motion down pretty good! Though, a few days ago, his left pedal was broken and he was only pedaling with his right leg. It was pretty funny watching him!
Is tolerating tummy time better each time we do it and is lifting his head nicely.
Makes diaper changes interested and sometimes a time trial. Though (knock on wood) I haven't been peed on in a few days, and neither has he!
Is getting a nice growth of hair on his head. Though he looks a bit funny as the sides are longer than the top. His hair is brown at this time. His eyebrows are darkening up, too!

Has a beautiful gummy smile! Sometimes it is even a bit crooked.
Seems to be slowly outgrowing her evening fussy periods. Last night she did not cry nearly as much as the previous nights. Fingers crossed that she is outgrowing whatever is bothering her every evening.
Likes to be swaddled, usually. Sometimes, she will incredible hulk her way out of the swaddling! It's so funny to watch her grunt and pull her arms trying to get out! Though when she likes it, she's very calm!
Her hair is growing faster than Connor's. It's blond, not so much strawberry blond as her first growth of hair was. Her eyelashes are getting nice and long, too. And, her eyebrows are darkening.
Is just starting to suck on her hand and has awhile before she figures out how to do it.

Both babies have a great appetite. We are still tracking their feeding times, amounts and diapers. They each average about 700ml of feeding per day, but are cutting down on the number and frequency of feedings. They can both usually take 3 ounces, sometimes more, sometimes less, at a time. I'm still pumping breast milk and am supplementing both of their feedings with formula. I'm hoping to keep building my supply. Right now I'm getting just over 30 ounces a day while pumping. I plan to work with a lactation consultant and hopefully get over any latch issues they both have.....that would cut out on the need for so many bottles! I totally do not mind bottle feeding and using the breast pump, but the middle of the night pump sessions would not be missed!

I need to start packing for our trip. I will plan for two outfits a day for each baby, just to be safe. I plan to pack things in Rubbermaid containers. Getting in and out of hotels/homes will be interesting, for sure!

that's about it for now.
later, Jennie


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Jennie, they are growing so nicely and look great. For a pic of them crying they are not red in the faces so you must have taken them fast. You haven't given a recent weight for them, how are they doing? Can't wait for this weekend when you'll by here for a visit.
love Mom

Brook said...

I don't think that those babies could be any more precious!

Ramie Ahlstrom said...

So Sweet!!! Love the pics and sounds like they are growing too fast.....time flies!
Thanks for sharing them with us and I hope you guys have a great trip!