Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Three weeks old!

It's hard to believe our babies are three weeks old already! Here is a run down of how things are going:

LOVES to eat. She will down her bottle in a few minutes, refusing to let go of the bottle until it's good and empty.
She gets bad, bad, bad gas.....we have changed a few things (using bottled or filtered water) and giving Mylicon drops after each feeding. Things are a little better....
She has chubby-chubby cheeks! We love them.
She loves to be held and is often calmed pretty quickly if we pick her up when she's fussing, unless of course she's dealing with gas.
Was a little fussy during her first bath earlier this week, but quieted down once she got used to everything.

Is a pokey eater and often savors the bottle, taking his time finishing it.
Has started to breastfeed again. I tried yesterday during the day and he did ok. Today, he had two good breastfeeding sessions. Hopefully I can increase the amount of sessions and get him almost to total breastfeeding.
Has gas issues, but not as bad as Chloe. But, we are giving him the Mylicon drops anyway, just to prevent any issues.
Enjoys swinging in the swing and taking a nap while in it.
Enjoyed his first bath earlier this week. No fussing at all and tolerated the quick wash down!

Chad and I are adjusting well to parenthood. Last night, we did not get the best sleep, as they took turns being cranky. Luckily, we each took a shift to allow each other to get some solid sleep at some point. I even was able to take a 3 hour nap this morning.

The babies see their regular doctor for the first time tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how their weights increased! We have a list of questions, as I'm sure all new parents have, to figure out and help ensure we are doing the right things!

Later, Jennie


christina said...

Wow! 3 weeks already?!? I'm glad they're doing so well!


Anonymous said...

That is my favorite picture so far! They are so cute!! Sounds like all is going well. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! They look so snug! For Chloe have you tried squeezing the nipple to get the air out of the bottle first?? Good luck at the weight check!! Emily (mom to g/g 2.5, boy due FRIDAY)

Kristie said...

Wow, time is sure flying! Sounds like you have everything under control! Very cute picture!! I hope they do well at their weight check.

Sara said...

I can almost smell them... yummy babies! And you have TWO to sniff! :0)

Glad you shared more pix...keep 'em coming!

Hey - when making up the formula - be sure you're using nursery water (Gerber makes some - and there's another brand I can't remember.) it has the fluoride in it for their developing little toof buds.

Love, Cyber Auntie Sara the dental hygienist :0)

Kimber McGray said...

wow! congrats jennie!!!
they are absolutely adorable!!!

(yes, you can come take the class w/o doing the crop!)

Hope to see you soon!