Sunday, September 16, 2007

Outgrowing preemie clothes!

Yep...we are outgrowing some of our preemie clothes! We are trying to wear them a few more times until they are TOO small and uncomfortable. I guess we are getting enough to eat!

Here we are wearing outfits from Chad's sister, Joy. Just a short time ago, the legs and arms of the outfits were too long! Not sure if we can squeeze another wear out of these or not!

We have another weight check at the doctor's on Thursday. It will be interesting to see what we weigh in at!

I'll share one month pictures soon!

later, Jennie


Kristie said...

Very cute! Looks like Miss Chloe loves to nap :)

Matt said...

I saw your blog title and had to check it out. Hilarious. I think all parents of twins have the same reaction after that first ultrasound.

We have 22-month-old twin boys. I think your Connor is wearing an outfit my boys had at that age. Memories.

Looks like you're adjusting well. I've heard it gets easier, but I haven't seen it yet :)

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