Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We are two weeks old.

We can't wait to go home with mommy and daddy. It's great that we see them every day, but we want to be with them ALL the time. I know mommy and daddy are getting tired of coming to the hospital every day, too, even though they say they don't mind!

Chloe is packing on the ounces. On Tuesday, she was 4 pounds, 12 ounces! She's gained 12 ounces since birth! She does not like to breast feed, so she takes bottles of breast milk that mommy pumps. She is quite demanding and vocal, so mommy and daddy do not change her diaper until her bottle is ready! She likes to take her time eating, and usually fills her diaper midway through eating! Once she is done eating, she will purse her lips and will not open them for anything! We call her frogger, as she tucks her legs up under her and makes diaper changes very interesting!

Connor is still eating like a champ! He weighs just over 5 pounds, adding 5 ounces from his birth weight. He had his little man procedure on Monday, so didn't breast feed so well, but is making up for it now! He is very laid back and usually doesn't cry for much of anything. He is very expressive with his hands, and often has them moving around his head, orchestrating someone or something!

We've been delayed going home a few times, so I'm not going to jinx anything until we are actually at home. I'll make the announcement then. Nothing bad has been happening, Connor just needs to maintain his temperature. Both Connor and Chloe are eating well. Chloe is actually ready to go home, but they are going to discharge both on the same day. That's a relief, as I'm not sure how we'd manage one baby at home and one baby in the hospital!

I'll post updated pictures of the cuties soon!

Later, Jennie


taralyn said...

Isn't it amazing how their personalities shine though already? I'm so glad Connor and Chloe are doing well and will be home soon!

Anonymous said...

So glad for the update, I can't wait to help you out in a couple weeks. they both sound like they are doing extremely well
love you, Mom

Kristie said...

So glad to hear they are packing on the weight. I hope they get to go home very soon!! Can't wait to see new pics :)

Anonymous said...


It almost made me teary reading about the two little ones. I'm so very glad that they are doing so great. It will be interesting to see how they have grown already in the two weeks since you have had them.

Marne said...

Sounds like they are doing fabulous! I can't believe how much weight they've gained. That's great! I'm sure they'll be home soon!!!