Friday, July 6, 2007

29 week baby belly.

Growing, growing, growing.
I feel like a punching bag today! Not sure if they are kicking ME or each other!
More stretch marks noted......and I can see the bottom of my belly button. Any guesses on whether or not it's going to pop out????


Sara said...

OMG! I look like I'm 29 weeks pregnant with TWINS! (note to self: return to the gym...)

You look great Jennie! The nursery looks great too - love the sage and chocolate together!

Kath W said...

LOL, Sara, I was thinking the same thing about myself! You look wonderful, Jennie! Love the nursery and those itty bitty clothes are soooo cute!

Diana said...

Looking really good! The nursery is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

OMG Jennie, I have got to get quilting done on the quilts. I have the tops made, bought the backing and middle tonight so really need to get going. I want to get at least one ready tomorrow because we plan to spend the night at the camper after the Rippley anniversary party and I can handquilt on it there. Gotta make something to take along early tomorrow morning too..... so much to do..... so little time.
Love Mom