Thursday, June 28, 2007

27 week 6 day belly shot.

I don't think I'm faking it. I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant. What do you think?

Holy crap! I'm going to take pictures weekly until the babies arrive. It's amazing to see the growth and the stretch marks don't even bother me. Don't worry, the stretch mark pictures will only be used in my scrapbook.....

Tomorrow is my birthday. Not sure what I'm going to do, since I'm on my own.....but I should start making the pages for the babies weekly and monthly pictures (as I receive a kick from baby girl in agreement). I have the albums and supplies, just need to get started. It should be fairly quick, once I figure out what paper I'll use for each album. I found one pink and one blue album at Big Lots a while ago that will work perfect...they are 6x6 albums, so perfect for one snapshot on each page!

Chad returns home from work travel late Friday night, so we will celebrate on Saturday. I think we will have a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory, then shop for a suit for Chad. He's been needing a new one and there is one he likes in the Bachrach catalog, so we will take a look at it! I ordered a yummy Dairy Queen cake for us to enjoy Saturday night. I even ordered early enough to have a double layer of fudge and crunchies added. That's the best part, in my opinion! Chad likes the frosting, so I asked for lots of flowers! Should be yummy....not sure what we will enjoy for our dinner Saturday night, but I know dessert will be a hit!

My next doctor appointment is on Monday. I thought I would have an ultrasound with that appointment, but it wasn't scheduled...but I'm curious to see how baby girl is growing. Oh well, it could always be scheduled later in the week. I know Chad wants to go to the ultrasound, so will try to get a time when he's able to be there!

I washed all the baby clothes earlier this week and am organizing by size. It's amazing how many clothes these little buggers have! But, will it be enough???? Who knows! I'll take pictures of the nursery as it is being put together........slow but sure it's getting there! Right now it looks like a disaster with the clothes all over...but hopefully I'll get those into baskets and the closet soon!

I'll leave you with a pretty amazing bit of baby development info I read in the Enfamil newsletter......
Equally amazing, your baby already smells things from inside the womb. Whatever you breathe in or eat, she can smell. When she enters the world and is put into your arms for the first time, she will know who you are by your scent.
Amazing, huh???

Ok, that's enough boring stuff for now.......
Later, Jennie


Brook said...

You are beautiful! Your baby will know your voice too! When I first saw Cody he was crying. When I said, "Oh there is my beautiful boy!" as they put him in my arms, he stopped crying and looked right at me. Then we snuggled for a bit!

Sara said...

Happy early birthday!

Enjoy your Cheesecake Factory dinner - but don't be shocked when there's not much room to put it!

Sorry about the cankles... I had those too - try to keep them elevated and play down your salt intake.

You look wonderful!!! Positively glowing ;0)

Cricket said...

You are looking wonderful Jennie! Happy Birthday, enjoy the Cheesecake Factory! That's where we are taking Mandi this year for her birthday dinner (her choice!)


Kristie said...

You look absolutely beautiful!! Happy early birthday!
Enjoy your dinner and the cake! Sounds yummy!

Missy Garwood said...

You look great Jennie! I'm so excited for you. Happy Birthday too! The cake sounds EXTRA yummy!

Laura B from the twins grp said...

Happy Birthday, Jennie!
And the pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

WOW, what can I say but you really look pregnant now, this is just amazing and thanks for sharing these pictures with us. The babies will love you in the future when they can watch their internal progress too. Fascinating stuff about the babies ability to smell before birth.
Love you, Mom